The New ALCON® Online Toric IOL Calculator
Incorporating the Barrett Toric Algorithm
We’ve updated the ALCON® Online Toric IOL Calculator with optimized refractive outcomes in mind.1-3
The Barrett Toric Algorithm
The new ALCON® Online Toric IOL Calculator uses the Barrett Toric Algorithm, which is designed to provide the most accurate preoperative prediction of residual astigmatism.1,2
Theoretically accounts for posterior corneal astigmatism
Calculates patient-specific effective lens position
Performs calculations for the full line of AcrySof® Toric IOL models in the selected family
Recommends the IOL with the lowest predicted residual astigmatism*
Designed to improve refractive predictability by using a centroid value for SIA4
Click Here for a How to Instructional Video.
*IOL recommendation based on lowest amount of residual refractive astigmatism (irrespective of WTR/ATR axis flipping), calculated from axial length, IOL SEQ, vertex and net average corneal refractive power.
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